When Dr. Rita Daghlian takes images of your child’s teeth and supporting structures, she using digital imaging plate scanners instead of traditional film. Also known as Computed Radiography (CR) readers, this technology works by taking X-rays normally, and then using a digital CR reader in place of film. The plates are placed into a “cassette holder,” and are then “read” with a laser to produce a high-quality image for examination. These images allow our pediatric dentist and team to closely examine your child’s mouth to diagnose developing problems and plan more effective treatments.

Dr. Rita Daghlian has chosen to use digital imaging plate scanners over traditional X-rays to ensure that your child remains safe throughout his or her entire visit to our office. By using digital imaging technology rather than film radiography, we greatly reduce the amount of radiation that your child is exposed to, and eliminate the need for toxic chemicals when developing images. Additionally, digital imaging plate scanners are quicker and more comfortable, making your child’s visit to our office much more pleasant.

We invite you to call us today to learn more about digital imaging plate scanners and to schedule your child’s appointment with our experienced pediatric dentist in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California.