What Sets Us Apart

We understand that you have a choice in who provides your dental and orthodontic care. We’d like to tell you about a few features of Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics that makes us your number-one option in Newport Beach, CA!

Creating a Dental Home

To ensure that all our patients feel welcome, we have created a fun office atmosphere! Our kind, loving and warm staff members like getting to know each patient, and will listen closely to your questions and concerns. If a patient has an emergency, we make ourselves available on nights and weekends. Our doctors and staff enjoy establishing lifelong relationships with our patients.

Cutting-Edge Office

We constantly strive for the best results for our patients, which also means we are dedicated to researching and employing the latest technology in the dental field. Our technical advances provide multiple benefits for our patients, including faster, more accurate diagnoses, and faster, more comfortable treatment. We know that being safe and comfortable in our office is your biggest concern, which is why we follow the strictest guidelines for bacterial control and sterilization set by groups such as the CDC and OSHA. We employ disposable tools and materials whenever feasible, and what tools must be re-used are always thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between each patient. We are also a latex free, gluten-free, color-free, and dye-free practice.

No Silver Fillings

We only offer white (tooth colored) fillings – there are NO silver fillings used in our office. Silver amalgam used to be the norm when it came to materials for restorations, such as fillings. However, silver fillings do not have much aesthetic appeal to the patient and can even cause damage to your tooth years down the road. The amalgam can break down the tooth, causing a fracture and the need for a crown to salvage the tooth.

After much research, some new tooth-colored materials have been developed that are stronger, longer lasting, and more aesthetically pleasing to our patients. Composed of porcelain and composite resin, these new tooth-colored restorations bond directly to the tooth, strengthening it by restoring most of its original shape. The restorations can even be custom-colored to match your teeth to help give you the most natural-looking smile possible.

These new restorations require less removal of your healthy tooth structure to place than those with amalgams and especially with new cavities. Dramatically smaller holes are needed with a tooth-colored restoration. They are also healthier because no traces of mercury are used, unlike silver amalgams.

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