As part of our commitment to helping your child achieve a healthy smile, Dr. Rita Daghlian offers stem cell dentistry in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California. Stem cell dentistry works to help regenerate and produce cells to encourage proper healing and recover after your child has receive a surgical treatment or has experienced a dental injury. We invite you to call us to learn more about stem cell dentistry and to schedule your child’s consultation with our caring pediatric dentist in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California.

While many people are aware that stem cells can be found in specific areas of the body, fewer are aware that stem cells can also be found in teeth. In fact, baby teeth, wisdom teeth, and permanent teeth all contain an abundance of stem cells which can easily be collected at the time of a planned dental procedure.

If your child has experienced an injury that has caused significant damage, our pediatric dentist may recommend using stem cell dentistry to help regenerate and heal damage tissue such as dental pulp or supporting bone tissue.

For more information about the benefits of stem cell dentistry, please call our team today. We will be happy to provide you with additional information about how stem cells are used in your child’s dental care and help you make an appointment with Dr. Rita Daghlian.