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Most people think of orthodontics as a cosmetic treatment. And while orthodontic treatment does improve smile aesthetics, it also works to create more balanced and functional mouths, jaws and smiles. In fact, orthodontic care is a great way to help you improve your oral health, as properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean with regular brushing and flossing.

How Can Orthodontics Help?

Orthodontic treatment focuses on correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaws, particularly in how they are aligned and fit together. Common orthodontic problems include:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Teeth with large gaps and spaces between them
  • Bad bites such as overbites, underbites, open bites and crossbites

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite so you can chew properly. Teeth that work better also tend to look better, which makes a beautiful, confidence boosting smile. Other benefits include:

  • Teeth which are aligned are easier to clean and maintain, reducing your risk of future problems such as cavities, gum disease and tooth loss
  • Improved speech function and chewing
  • Reduced risk of developing TMJ disorder, or alleviating discomfort from an existing condition
  • Preventing or halting bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), which also help reduce your risk of headaches, tooth damage and other problems
  • Clearing airway passages to create easier, more comfortable breathing
  • Creating a beautiful smile that boosts your child’s confidence, self-esteem and self-image

When Should Children Receive An Orthodontic Screening?

The American Association of Orthodontists® (AAO®) recommends that children receive their initial orthodontic screening no later than age 7. By this age, your child’s teeth are developed enough that our orthodontist can determine what age their treatment should begin, or if they need early treatment.

This initial exam at Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics is designed to be as comfortable as possible. It will include an oral exam as well as an analysis of your child’s bite, oral musculature and any other factors which may contribute to their oral growth and development. We may take X-rays, and our orthodontist and team will discuss your child’s oral habits with you. We can then determine if early treatment will be needed and at what age your child will benefit most from receiving care.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Dr. Paul Sokolowski will work one-on-one with you to find the right type of services and create a treatment plan that meets your needs which will help you achieve a beautiful, balanced smile. Orthodontic treatments available at our office include:

Life During Orthodontic Treatment
You may need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle during their treatment. Orthodontic treatment depends on keeping your braces, aligners and appliances in good condition, as well as maintaining good oral hygiene to prevent any problems from developing. We may make recommendations about types of food to avoid, how to brush and floss while wearing braces, cleaning aligners and appliances and even how to adjust to playing an instrument or engaging in athletic activities while wearing braces or aligners.

We will discuss all aspects of your care with you, and our team is always available to answer your questions or help in-between your regular visits. Simply reach out and we will be here for you.

Orthodontics For All Ages

Orthodontic treatment is not just for children and teenagers! In fact, about 25% of all patients seeking orthodontic treatment are adults. If you are tired of having crooked, misaligned teeth, schedule a consultation with our orthodontist and team. Thanks to advances in treatment techniques and technologies, we can offer you a number of orthodontic options to align your teeth, including more discreet options such as Invisalign® clear aligners so that you can maintain a more natural and professional appearance while your smile progresses. It is never too late to achieve your personal perfect smile, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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