Treating Common Orthodontic Problems in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

Problems which may seem cosmetic can actually cause problems for your teeth, oral health and oral function. Orthodontic treatment not only makes your smile look great, but also works to improve the function and health of your teeth so that you can keep them healthy more easily with preventive care and enjoy the full benefits of having properly aligned teeth.

Here at Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics we provide treatment for a number of orthodontic issues. During your initial appointment, Dr. Paul Sokolowski will examine your teeth and mouth to determine which type of treatment will be most beneficial for your needs.

Common Orthodontic Issues

An overbite causes the upper front teeth to extend out over the lower front teeth. This may cause the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.


When the lower jaw extends out, it creates an underbite. The lower front teeth will sit in front of the upper front teeth.


Open Bite
If the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap, it creates an open bite. This can make it hard to chew properly and could contribute to unwanted habits, such as tongue thrusting.


A crossbite causes the upper teeth to sit inside the lower teeth. This may result in tooth stratification and misaligned jaw growth.



Upper Front Teeth Protrusion
In this misaligned bite, either the upper teeth extend too far forward or the lower front teeth do not extend far enough forward. This problem can negatively impact both the appearance and function of your smile.


Dental Midlines Not Matched
This orthodontic problem is created when the back of the bite does not fit together correctly, and it may negatively impact the jaw and proper oral function.

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