TADs in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

If there is a tricky tooth movement, or you experience difficulty in anchoring an orthodontic appliance, Dr. Paul Sokolowski may recommend using a TAD to ensure the success of your treatment. This device can help keep your smile progressing to give you a beautiful end result.

What Are TADs?

Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) are also known as orthodontic mini implants. They are small titanium screws which are temporarily inserted into your jawbone to encourage proper tooth movement. Our orthodontist and team typically recommend TADs to perform particularly difficult tooth movements or to overcome the limitations of headgear or other orthodontic appliances.

How Do TADs Work?

TADs combine traditional orthodontics with implant technology. The TADs are inserted into your jawbone between the tooth roots to enhance orthodontic anchorage. Placing the TADs is a minimally invasive and largely pain-free procedure. Our orthodontist will use a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort, and you should experience only a gentle pressure as the device is inserted. This process can be completed in just a few minutes.

After your TADs are placed, they work by providing a firm anchorage point in your mouth. This allows greater stability for the pushing and pulling force needed to move your teeth into proper alignment. TADs are especially helpful for anchoring forces that would otherwise need to be applied from outside the mouth, such as orthodontic headgear. TADs may also be used to stabilize one or more teeth so that they don’t move while your braces shift the neighboring teeth into place.

Removing your TADs is just as easy as placing them. After the appliance is removed, your gums will heal within a few days.

Our orthodontist will discuss your treatment with you and monitor your TADs to determine how long they should remain in your mouth.

Caring For Your TADs

TADs require minimal maintenance while they are in place. Generally speaking, you should avoid the same foods as you would normally with braces (hard, sticky and crunchy foods, etc.), as well as brush the TADs twice daily with a soft toothbrush. Our orthodontist and team will provide you with instructions on caring for your TADs when they are placed.

Benefits of TADs

TADs are highly useful as part of your orthodontic treatment plan, offering benefits such as:

  • Giving you more versatile care – TADs can move just one or several teeth without the need for a full set of braces
  • Reducing your overall treatment time
  • Preventing the need for jaw surgery
  • And more!

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