iCat™ Imaging in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

Our pediatric dentist, orthodontist and team use iCat™ 3D imaging to more closely examine your teeth and supporting oral structures. This state-of-the-art imaging technology allows us to capture comprehensive and highly detailed pictures of your entire jaw, making it possible to diagnose and treat developing problems more effectively.

What Is iCat Imaging?

iCat imaging is a type of 3D imaging, and is sometimes referred to as cone beam imaging, CT scanning or 3D X-rays. This technology captures a three-dimensional image reconstruction of the teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose and throat, which our doctors can then use to diagnose developing problems, create your treatment plans and deliver more effective and comfortable care. This type of dental imaging is far more detailed and comprehensive than images captured by standard digital X-rays.

How iCat Imaging Is Used In Treatment

iCat imaging is versatile and can be used in a broad range of dental and orthodontic procedures, including:

  • Evaluating the jaws and face
  • Viewing the head and the neck as a connected, comprehensive whole
  • Diagnosing tooth decay and other problems
  • Evaluating facial and dental trauma, including tooth damage
  • Planning and evaluating the progress of orthodontic treatment
  • Visualizing abnormal teeth
  • Assessing developing TMJ disorders and related problems

How iCat Captures Images

iCat imaging is a type of extraoral scanning, meaning that nothing is inserted into your mouth. Instead, you will place your head onto a small “stand” and a panoramic device will rotate around your head to capture images of your entire oral structure. This process is quick, comfortable and completely safe. Captured images are immediately transmitted to a nearby monitor where we can view the images with you to understand your needs and begin creating your treatment plan.

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