Traditional Metal Braces in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Rita Daghlian may recommend traditional metal braces to straighten your teeth and correct a bad bite. Braces have been used for many years to improve patients’ teeth and smiles, and our orthodontist and team will work closely with you to determine if they are the best option for you.

A Tried-And-True Orthodontic Treatment

When you think of orthodontic treatment, you probably think about metal braces. And you have a good reason to do so! Metal braces have been used for decades to align teeth and improve smiles, and remain among the most effective treatment options available. Not only are they a tried-and-true method for correcting teeth, but nearly everyone is a candidate for orthodontic treatment using braces, making them one of the most commonly used treatments as well.

Many people associate braces with bulky and unsightly metal covering their teeth and giving them a “mouth full of metal.” Advances in treatment materials and techniques have led to smaller, more comfortable and more aesthetic braces as well as to a more effective treatment process. However, if you would like a more discreet option, or believe metal braces are not for you, our orthodontist can also discuss alternative types of braces with you.

How Braces Work

Braces can correct a broad range of orthodontic problems, including:

  • Gapped and spaced teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crowded and crooked teeth
  • Bad bites (including crossbites, open bites, underbites and overbites)

Braces consist of a system of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth. An archwire is then connected to the brackets and elastic or metal bands are used to hold the wire in place against the brackets. This wire then applies gentle pressure to your teeth, gradually guiding them into their ideal positions.

You will meet with Dr. Sokolowski regularly throughout your treatment to receive adjustments to your braces, and so we can monitor the progress of your treatment. If you have a question about your braces, or experience an orthodontic emergency, please call our team. We are always available to help, and are committed to working closely with you to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Braces & Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is always vital to keeping your mouth and smile healthy. However, brushing and flossing properly becomes even more important if you are wearing braces. It’s easy for plaque and bacteria to accumulate around the brackets on your teeth, and if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene, you could increase your risk of developing cavities or other problems. While wearing braces, we recommend that you:

  • Brush at least three times a day – we strongly recommend brushing your teeth after each meal
  • Clean around your brackets and wires thoroughly – you may want to use an interproximal brush or other oral hygiene aid to do this
  • Floss daily, and consider using a floss threader to reach the areas between your braces more easily
  • Rinse your teeth each time you clean them
  • Pay close attention to what you eat – some foods can damage your braces and slow down your treatment

If you have any questions about oral hygiene or about life with braces, please speak with our orthodontist and team.

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