Heat-Activated NiTi Wires in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Paul Sokolowski may use a heat-activated NiTi wire to supplement your braces treatment. These wires help your teeth move into their correct positions more quickly and effectively, giving you a more comfortable treatment experience and reducing your overall treatment time.

What Is A Heat-Activated NiTi Wire?

Much of the research focused on improving orthodontic science and treatment has focused on the development of appliances and materials that can move teeth more quickly and with less discomfort. One of the solutions developed to reach these goals is heat-activated nickel-titanium (NiTi) archwire. NiTi wires combine shape memory and elasticity with excellent mechanical properties.

The mechanical properties used to move the tooth are the same as those of regular orthodontic wires, but the shape memory and elasticity produce significant benefits for patients who receive treatment using this type of wire. The shape memory of a heat-activated wire means that the wire will hold its shape and is unlikely to be bent or changed into a shape that will hinder proper tooth movement. The elasticity of the wire allows it to undergo an internal transformation and release constant force over a long range of tooth movement to give you a more effective treatment.

How Heat-Activated NiTi Wires Work

Heat-activated NiTi wires are flexible at room temperature and are easy to integrate with braces. They are most frequently used with self-ligating braces, as the technologies go hand-in-hand, but can be used with any type of braces. As the warmth of your mouth “activates” the wires, they begin to gradually reshape, gently moving your teeth into the proper positions. This light, continuous pressure moves your teeth comfortably and efficiently – in fact, the total force exerted by the wires is only about half of that exerted by more traditional stainless steel wires.

Benefits of Heat-Activated NiTi Wires

Benefits of heat-activated NiTi wires include:

  • Reduced treatment time
  • Increased comfort during treatment
  • Reduced time in our office for adjustments
  • More efficient and effective tooth movement

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