Orthodontic Appliances in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

Along with more standard orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign® clear aligners, our orthodontist and team also provide a number of appliances to help straighten your teeth. Orthodontic appliances work to create the best possible results for your smile.

Why Orthodontic Appliance Are Recommended

Technically speaking, all orthodontic treatments are completed by appliances, whether by braces or by aligners. However, in some cases a supplementary appliance is recommended to treat more complex conditions or perform specific tooth movements that your regular treatment may not be able to fully complete. During your treatment, you will meet regularly with Dr. Paul Sokolowski to ensure your smile is progressing as planned. An additional appliance will be provided if necessary, and our team will discuss all your options with you to ensure that your needs are met. Depending on your needs, the appliance you receive could be fixed or removable.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Below are some of the orthodontic appliances Dr. Sokolowski may recommend:

Elastics (Rubber Bands)
An elastic (or small, specially made rubber band) helps improve the fit of your upper and lower teeth. They apply extra force to a tooth or teeth in ways that brace alone can’t. They may be attached from the upper to the lower jaw or to different teeth. Our orthodontist will carefully choose connection points based on the desired tooth movement and alignment of your teeth. Please wear your elastics as directed to achieve the best results for your smile.

Headgear is typically provided to correct overbites and underbites, and works by gently “pulling” on your teeth to restrict further forward growth of your upper teeth and jaw.

Mouth Guards
Mouth guards, also known as athletic or sports guards, protect your teeth and mouth from injuries that occur during contact sports or other athletic activities.

Night Guards
A night guard may be recommended if you grind and clench your teeth. This appliance is custom-made to provide protection for your teeth and prevent damage while you sleep.

Palatal Expanders
Palatal expanders work to widen your upper jaw if it’s too narrow to accommodate your teeth properly. The appliance provides gentle pressure to your upper jaws, gradually expanding them to the desired width. Our orthodontist will work closely with you to ensure the expander is adjusted correctly and working properly for you.

Retainers are an appliance provided after your treatment plan is completed and your teeth are properly aligned. This appliance helps keep your teeth in the correct position, preventing regression so that you can continue to enjoy your beautiful new smile.

Separators (Spacers)
Separators are small rubber appliances shaped like donuts. They placed between the teeth to push them apart so that orthodontic bands can be placed at your next appointment. The separators will be removed when our orthodontist will place the bands for your braces. If you have received separators, be careful not to dislodge them, and avoid sticky foods and toothpicks. You may need to adjust the way you floss or simply not floss where the separators are located. If a separator does come out, call our office so that we can place them back between your teeth for you.

TADs (temporary anchorage devices) are provided to complete specific tooth movements. They combine implant technology with traditional orthodontic techniques to ensure your teeth are properly aligned.

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