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Your child’s regular dental exams and cleanings are crucial to their oral health, which is why they should see a pediatric dentist every six months. Pediatric dental checkups enable our dentist to diagnose the first signs of oral problems, including unexplained dental pain.

Children who suffer from chronic dental pain may not alert an adult to their problem if they don’t understand what is happening to them, and dental problems that go untreated can impede their ability to eat, talk, or concentrate, potentially causing them to struggle with school. Some signs of a dental problem for a child include them seeming depressed, anxious, or tired.

Dr. Rita Daghlian and our team can perform an evaluation of your child’s oral health, and will make note of the following:

— Their eating habits
— The quality of their oral care
— Any previous dental treatments or current dental needs
— Whether they consume fluoridated water
— Factors that increase their susceptibility to oral diseases

During our dentist and team’s examination of your child’s mouth, we may use dental X-rays to screen for signs of dental problems. Our goal is to provide your child with the appropriate dental care to help them sustain their dental health.

If your child is due for their six-month dental visit or would otherwise benefit from a pediatric dental checkup in Newport Beach, California, we encourage you to contact Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics at 949-706-7006 today and arrange a time to see our friendly pediatric dentist!