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Does your child despise cleaning and caring for their smile? If so, it’s time to make oral hygiene more fun! You can do so by letting your child use cool oral hygiene tools that help them clean their teeth and gums. There are many cool tools available today, and our dentists, Dr. Rita Daghlian and Dr. Paul Sokolowski are happy to tell you all about them. Those tools are:

-Plip Clips: These fun animal-shaped Plip Clips are great toothbrush holders for kids! All you need to do is suction the Plip Clip to the bathroom mirror and then have your child feed their toothbrush into the mouth of the clip. Some fun Clip options include ducks, dogs and cats!

-Electric toothbrushes for kids: Electric toothbrushes make brushing fun and exciting, and electric toothbrushes for kids can make brushing even better! Some brushes play music while in use and some have fun two-minute timers. Most brushes have fun cartoon or superhero characters on them to make your child feel like they’re brushing with their friends.

-Kids’ toothpaste: There are many different types of toothpaste that can be fun for your child to use. Some have fruity flavors, some have bright and brilliant colors and some even have fun shapes and glitter inside!

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